REGULATION - English version - Premio Arte Coseano

REGULATION – English version

  1. The XXIV International Art Exhibition “Premio Arte Coseano 2023” will take place on Sunday, September 24, 2023, and in case of bad weather – notice will be provided by the day before – it will be postponed to the following Sunday.
  2. The competition includes: a. “Premio Arte Coseano 2023”: Open to all techniques and themes (first prize, second prize, and third prize). b. “Ex Tempore Competition”: Open to all techniques and themes. For contests a. and b., all artistic disciplines are allowed: painting, sculpture, mosaic, land art installations, etc. c.

“Sponsor Awards”: With themes chosen by sponsors. The number of sponsor awards, themes, and techniques will be published on the dedicated website:

  1. Blank canvas validation must be done between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM on the same day at the Artists’ Welcome Point.
  2. Installations: Artists intending to participate with installations must coordinate by contacting the organizers in advance via email.
  3. Each artist will have a sheltered space: a 3×4 meter umbrella where they can work and exhibit their own works (artists must provide their own easels, chairs, etc.). In the designated space, artists can set up a personal exhibition.
  4. The event will commence at 10:00 AM and will continue throughout the day.
  5. The jury will start evaluating the exhibited works at each stand beginning at 11:00 AM for the “Premio Arte Coseano” competition, and at 3:30 PM for the “Ex Tempore Competition.”
  6. The awards ceremony will take place in Piazza degli Artisti at 6:00 PM, where all winning works will be presented with judging explanations and subsequently awarded.
  7. Registration Fee and Payment Method: The registration fee of €40.00 must be paid using one of the following methods: – Payment through the pagoPA platform by accessing the following link: [link]( – payment type: Tickets (culture); – Payment via bank transfer to Credifriuli Scrl – San Daniele del Friuli Branch – IBAN: IT 13 B 07085 64190 000000554601 (for international transfers, BIC code ICRAITRRU50). The fee includes participation in the competitions, space for setting up the exhibition, and a meal voucher for the artist.
  8. Registration Procedure and Deadline: Registrations, for organizational reasons, must be completed by September 15, 2023, by submitting the duly completed and signed registration form, a copy of the bank transfer made, or the pagoPA payment receipt to the email address:
  9. The artist authorizes the organizing entity to capture photos and/or videos necessary for the production of advertising, journalistic, and/or photographic materials related to the event, and waives any form of compensation or claim against the entity.
  10. In case of the artist’s non-participation, event postponement, or cancellation, registration fees will not be refunded.
  11. At the expiration of the registration deadline, positions will be assigned. Artists and groups wishing to be positioned together should communicate this on the registration form in the designated “Communications” space or via the provided email address. Efforts will be made to accommodate expressed preferences whenever possible. Each artist will be assigned ONE FULL-SIZED UMBRELLA.
  12. The regulations and relevant updated information are available on the website:, which serves as the communication hub between the organizing entity and artists. Therefore, artists are encouraged to consult it periodically.
  13. In all competitions, the awarded artist is required to transfer ownership of the work to the organizing entity, even if the artist’s valuation or price is higher than the prize awarded. If the winner is not present at the awards ceremony, the prize will remain unassigned.
  14. The authors of the winning works must submit the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY OF THE ARTWORK to the Municipality of Coseano.
  15. Artists intending to ship works for the competition must bear the costs of shipping, retrieval, and insurance. Artwork retrieval must occur within 30 days from the competition date. In the case of non-retrieval, the artwork will become the property of the entity at no cost.
  16. The Jury’s decisions on the competing works are final and not subject to appeal. The works competing for “Sponsor Awards” will be autonomously chosen by a representative of the sponsor, potentially resulting in the same artist being selected by multiple sponsors. Participation in the competitions implies full acceptance of these regulations.
  17. While ensuring maximum care, the organizing entity assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or other damages of any kind.
  18. The organization reserves the discretionary right to postpone or cancel the event for serious and substantiated reasons, providing timely communication to all artists who have provided their email addresses by the day before the event.
  19. The meal voucher can be used by artists at facilities reserved by the organization.

22. Coseano Art Award

Coseano Art Award

I classified

“Coseano Art Award”

Trophy and Purchase Award


II classified

“Comune Coseano Award for Art”

Purchase reward

€ 1500,00

III classified

“Piero De Martin Prize”

Purchase reward

€ 700,00

15 reports of merit Coseano Art Prize

Coseano Art Award – Ex-Tempore

Purchase reward

€ 1000,00

5 reports of merit

23.Sponsor Rewards:

Sponsor Awards

Purchase reward

(Concerning the number of prizes, the theme and the technique, consult the website on the “PREMI” page).

€ 600,00

24.”Fiscal aspect of prize winners: for those who do not regularly engage in artistic activities and do not possess a VAT number for this type of activity, the prize will be subject to a withholding tax of 20%; For those who have a VAT number, the prize will be disbursed after issuing an electronic invoice to the Municipality of Coseano for the prize amount, under the split payment regime, applying the applicable VAT, either at a rate of 10% if under the standard regime, with no VAT if under the simplified or flat-rate regime.”

For information and inquiries, please refer to the website and your email inbox regularly:
− e-mail:
Municipality of Coseano – Secretary’s Office (Cinzia Minisini) tel. 0039 0432-861074 ext. 3

Dedicated Facebook Page: “Premio Arte Coseano.”



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